Library Reading Tables

Library Reading Tables
Product Code Product Dimensions (cm)
KS-503 Double Reading Table 153 x 61 x 74h
KS-504 Single Reading Table 92 x 72 x 74h
KS-505 Double Reading Table 122 x 91 x 121h
KS-506 Single Reading Table Ø 122 x 74h

KS-503 / KS-504
Designed specifically for libraries, reader tables stand out with their ergonomic structure. Long-term readings are produced by calculating the health of the reader. For long reading sessions, reader's health is taken into consideration whilst manufacture.

KS-505 / KS-506
Not only for singular usage but also appropriate for congregate readings as well as for making homeworks, these desks are offering the user focus ability by removing environmental distracting factors.

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