Compact Archive Systems

Atak Çelik Compact Archive SystemsBy selecting the most appropriate archiving system an the storage are can be used more efficient whilst the accessibility will be provided and the documents will always in your reach. With its experienced staff, Atak Çelik will assist you to benefit as much as possible from your storage area available. Thanks to our custom solutions, restricitons like door openings or low ceilings, storing your goods will not become a problem for you. Besides files and folder archives, archives for samples for (drug companies, textile companies, chemical products companies etc) we also manufacture archives for heavy duty machine parts, space saving solutions for car tires storing , custom designed carpet and painting archive systems for collectors and museums to store and protect antique objects can be listed as a part of our archiving solutions. Depending on your demands and needs we can further diversify these examples.

Painting Archive Solutions

Atak Çelik Painting Archive SystemsPainting and Artworks archiving systems are designed accordingly to the usage area and purpose of use. The common features are that they protect paintings and artworks with an historical value, against harmful external factors such as light, moisture and dust. Various systems developed by Atak Çelik are manufactured esspecially for the purpose of use or the space that is available. The space to be used as an archive may be limited, the paintings and artworks to be archived may be heavy and bulky, the ceiling height of the space may be outside the standard, custom designed painting and artwork archive systems for such conditions are listed below.

  • Hanger System Painting Archives
  • Painting Archives System with Ground Mechanism
  • Sideways Opening Painting Archives
  • Semi-Telecopic Painting Archives

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