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Atak Çelik Reckless LogoVural Alicik has been working in this sector since 1963. With an experience of long years he established Atak Çelik in 1998. Since then the brand Atak Çelik drives the sector with significantly developed products. With its dynamic and experienced staff, Atak Çelik has adopted 100% customer satisfaction as its principle.

Atak Çelik specialties are archiving systems, steel products and office applications. Primary products like Office and School Furnitures, Compact Archiving Systems, Library Systems, Lockers, are designed and manufactured by Atak Çelik.

When designing and manufacturing Carpet Archiving Systems, Tile Archiving Systems, Heavy Duty Archiving Systems, our main consideration is besides maintaining aesthetics and functionality, using the space in the most efficient way.

In additon to our main principle of 100% customer satisfaction, our experienced staff is always ready to provide appropriate solutions and is always ready to serve its customers with technical service and warranty.

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Phone:+90 212 426 37 19
E-Mail: info@atakcelik.com

ATAK ÇELİK Büro Mob. Dek. ve İnş. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.,
A.Tevfikbey Mah. İstiklal Cad.,
Yeltekin İş Merkezi No: 231 2 A Blok,
Sefaköy / Küçükçekmece,
İstanbul / Türkiye

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